Monday, December 27, 2010

Two Months Old

I have some catching up to do...8 week pics, Christmas pics, Baby Jesus pics...but here are some 2 month old pictures from this morning. I cannot believe we have a two month old!

Two Month Smiles

Smooches from Daddy

Sam is starting to smile a lot - it's so great. He loves listening to music, especially classical music; he gets super excited and kicks his legs then lies really still to listen. He tries to talk to us all the time and his favorite word is "goo". Sam never met a ceiling fan he didn't like; thank goodness we have them in every room! He is trying so hard to suck his thumb, just hasn't quite figured it out yet. He's still eating great, goes to sleep easily and even likes to have alone time in his swing. He really might be the perfect baby.

As always, click on any of the pics I've uploaded to the blog and it will open a larger image in our linked flickr account.

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  1. this dude. he's one of my faves. (wiser too, but mini dude, i mean)