Sunday, March 27, 2011

5 months old

OK...Sammy Mac is officially 5 months old. Have mercy. It's starting to freak me out how quickly this goes. And the progress he is making is totally amazing. Sam has mastered rolling both ways and has quickly familiarized himself with every inch of the living room carpet. His scooting and pushing and pulling has become quite proficient; we're just counting the days until he is truly mobile. Right now I'm watching him push up on all fours, trying to figure out what comes next. What comes next for us is babyproofing. ASAP.


This month has brought milestones and achievements almost faster than I can count or keep track. Sammy is still such a happy little man - as long as he's not hungry ;) I love getting to wake up to this smiley little person every morning. More and more, he giggles and chuckles and laughs but he makes us work for it - silly noises and faces are best. Sammy is starting to practice his own funny faces, too.



As the weather has been improving we've been spending more time outside and Sam loves loves loves it. He loves the wind blowing on his face and watching the all birds run and jump and fly around the yard. It is our favorite place to take him to get rid of any grumpies. He is also learning to use his doorway jumper - right now it's more of a doorway-sit-spin-and-slobber but he is figuring out it bounces, too. Sammy went to two Thunder games this month and loved all the action. Even more, he loved all the people watching around us.


Samuel definitely has some of his mommy's pensive, watchful personality but when he decides you're okay with him, it is such a sweet reward. He is getting so good at giving hugs and slobbery kisses that will just melt your insides. Sam is starting to notice and study every little detail around him, from the little wrinkles in his chubby fingers and toes to the stars and animals on his crib sheets and every toy we hand him. And when you hand him something, please be sure it's something that can be slobbered on because that is inevitable.




Peek-a-boo is still a favorite and music more and more is becoming one of the best ways to soothe and entertain him. Mozart's Symphony No. 40 for nap and bedtimes, rock and roll for dance parties; this week he seems to especially enjoy the Monkees, Led Zeppelin, late 70s-Michael Jackson and Yo Gabba Gabba. Sammers is starting to really exercise his vocal chords, and Mommy and Daddy are trying to reinforce only the happy noises and squawks.



I think I've gushed enough about our amazing little human - he's now napping and we've got some babyproofing to do.


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  1. Sure love this little fella. If he isn't a "Sugar Boy" then there's not one anywhere on earth. Sam's the most handsome little man there is! Those facial expressions look as though he's trying to "whistle a happy tune." Cuter than cute! Just chllin' in that doorway jumper makes me want to squeeze him to pieces, he's charming during playtime with daddy Chrisser, and what a little angel while napping. There's no such thing as "too much" time with him, wouldn't trade a single minute spent together, somehow visits seem too few and far between but each is prieless. These first 5 months with "Sugar Boy" have passed so quickly but, oh my goodness, sweet Sam ... "Thanks for the memories." Here's to 5 months and 1 day. I couldn't love you more.