Saturday, August 27, 2011

10 Months Old

I can't believe we're already to this point. 10 months. Sammers has been out longer than he was in. That's so crazy. Everyday he's learning something new and it's so amazing to watch it happen. He took his first steps on his 9 month birthday and I've basically been chasing him for the last month...thus the severely neglected blog.
He is a great eater, still not a great sleeper but sweet and silly and smart. He loves to sit and turn pages in his books; he's started 'reading' them to us, too. If there is something he wants you to read to him, he'll grab your finger and put it on what he wants you to read. He waves bye bye and all done; we're working on more signs and blowing kisses.
Sammers is fascinated by anything with wheels. He flips whatever it is over and spins the wheels while he tries to figure it out. He's a techie baby, too; he loves to FaceTime with Daddy when he travels and with our out-of-town family. He already knows how to play games and push buttons on our iPad and iPhones. He likes to push the remote buttons to try to change the music or tv channels. Whenever he figures something out or does something new, he'll look up at you with the sweetest, happiest smile like "did you see me do that?" like he's so pleased with himself and that smile will just melt your insides every time.
Maybe his most favorite thing is making music with daddy or dancing with mommy. If Daddy is playing the piano, Sam is trying to crawl up into his lap to turn it into a duet. He likes to play the drums, keyboard, has even tried blowing into the saxophone. We might have a renaissance baby on our hands...he's pretty amazing. I could keep going on and on...but pictures are more fun :)







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