Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Daily Sam: Road Trippin

We headed down to Ikea to get a bookcase that would hold Wiser's 1,000+ vinyl albums. It was a quick down-and-back trip and Sammers was such a trooper!

An early start...

The Road Crew

His favorite book kept him occupied

...he also loves his magnadoodle!

Success! And a few other things might have made their way onto our cart...

A quick chocolate shake energy boost before getting back on the road
(Only a taste for Sammy, but he did not want to let go!)

One of Wiser's dearest friends Brad lives in the Big D - 
we always try to fit in a visit when we make it down there.

The view from Brad's building's roof

He fell asleep holding his book and would not let go of it.

I tried to save the big guns for when Sammers had really just had enough of the road...
coloring makes everything better!

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