Monday, June 27, 2011

8! Months! Old!

It's going so fast! I promise I'm not totally ignoring the blog; my mobile uploading hasn't been working. To make amends, here are a couple of videos:

We took Sammers to the Perdue Compound for his 1st swim on Memorial Day. He totally loved it. I'm pretty sure he was trying to convince us he could swim if we would just let go of him. He kicked and splashed and kept sticking his face in the water causing me to nag Wiser about keeping his face out of the water. It was a whole vicious cycle. But Sammy loved it.

And now, Sammy thinks he's Elvis...

I promise he does have shirts and usually is know how dinner goes with a 7 month old. Oops, 8 month old. Sheesh.

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