Thursday, August 9, 2012


Today was Wiser's ...mumble-something... birthday.

Sammers brought Daddy some breakfast in bed,


and then we all went to the Science Museum for some fun exploring and learning time together.


Wiser & I did get to go out for a scrumptious parents-only dinner at Local (featuring one of our favorite local chefs Ryan Parrott - everyone should go there!) but got home in time for some pretty hilarious tickle-party-giggle-fest with Sammy. A happy ending to another successful year.

HBD Wiser, we're sure thankful you were born :)

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  1. Breakfast in bed with Sam served by your sweetie, trip to the science museum, a tickle party--giggle fest and a Mommy-Daddy date... what a fun filled birthday! I'm thankful you were born & I love you. Look at all you've added to my life... now I have Emily & Sam to love, too. Thanks, for being my Son. Many more Happy Birthdays as you stay ever young at heart & always Wiser. : )