Sunday, August 5, 2012

Daily SFA + Heidi

We enjoyed sharing our home with new friends this weekend; meet Daniel and Heidi.


Heidi is a fellow kindie musician who plays the ukulele and she & Daniel shared a show at Evoke with SFA this afternoon. It was a really great time - she is super entertaining! At one point, there was a four man ukulele jam.




Some of the fans at the show noticed that Heidi resembled another character from American pop culture...


Yup! In another life, Heidi was also known as Susan Ross, George Constanza's ill-fated, poison-envelope-licking fiancé on Seinfeld! Crazy, huh?!

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  1. Always good times for all when there's good music & the great company of family & friends... glad it was a hit. Awesome lookin' group of folks. Love the beautiful smiles on your happy faces in the group pic. Oh, Sammers... you're such a cutie!