Sunday, February 27, 2011

4 Months Old




Say it with me people..."I canNOT believe we have a four month old!" Sammers is totally awesome. He talks so much - we love listening to his sweet baby sounds over the monitor while he waits for someone to spring him from his crib. His personality is really starting to develop: serious and thoughtful and reserved like mommy but then totally flirty and charming and social like daddy. He enjoys watching and meeting people, especially people his size.
Sam has gotten very proficient at rolling from tummy to back and is starting to strain and stretch and try to get from back to stomach. He is quite the little scooter, too; more often than not, he is upside down and backwards from where we put him to bed. The discovery of both of his feet has lead to hours of self-entertainment. Sammy has figured out the art of the power nap which while impressive, makes it difficult to get much done while he naps. I hardly mind though and can't get enough of him while he's awake. We read and exercise and dance and sing. It's just the best. He loves to climb all over daddy and giggles and laughs when he's tickled. Bath time is most always fun time; he enjoys soaking in the warm water and his favorite game is to get the washcloth out of your hand and into his mouth. Really anything that finds its way into his grabby little hands is probably headed for his mouth.
This little boy is just such a blessing to our family and I'm amazed that already we can't imagine life without him; Wiser and I both told him today "I can't believe that you are here and live with us!"



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