Thursday, February 24, 2011

Social Butterfly

So Sam hasn't been very good about updating his blog this week, but we've kept him pretty busy. Poor little puppy was so worn out, he slept 9 hours straight one night. Whoa.

This week at OCS was Enrichment Teacher Appreciation, so Sam and I went to visit Momma Jo to make sure she knew she was appreciated. Of course, we had to make the rounds and say hi to all of his friends and fans.


Then, Sam-I-Am got his very own private reading in the library of what else? Green Eggs and Ham.


We also got to enjoy a lunch with our friends the Reids. They are currently moving from the East Coast to the West Coast and on their way across the country, stopped off in OKC to have lunch with us at Iguana Lounge. Tim is a fellow working musician and his wife Brooke has booked SFA at several venues in Kansas City; SFA actually played their wedding two years ago so it was nice to catch up with them and introduce them to Sammers.


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  1. I like that even Sam had to wear a visitors sticker. :)